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Module name Created by Start Dates
Modul 1: Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship BEST 2017-05-23
Learning objectives: to introduce adult learners to the core concepts of social entrepreneurship; to answer primary questions such as what is included in the notion of Social Economy, what is a social enterprise, what are the latter’s aims, what is social capital and how it is measured
Module 2: Producing Social Value: Identifying a Social Business Opportunity BEST 2017-05-23
Learning objecitves: to equip learners with the methodologies and tools required in order to recognize the potential for the development of a successful, socially-oriented entrepreneurial activity.
Module 3: Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation BEST 2017-05-23
Learning objectives: to highlight the interconnection between social entrepreneurship and innovation through reference to relevant case studies and best practices recorded in EU-member states.
Module 4: Social development BEST 2017-05-23
Learning objectives: to inform learners of the ways of developing funds for a social enterprise
Module 5: Good practice development BEST 2017-05-23
Learning objectives: to introduce adult learners to good practices of social entrepreneurship
Módulo 5: El Marketing Digital en el Emprendimiento Social FFeuskadi 2017-05-30
En este módulo tendrás la oportunidad de conocer herramientas de marketing digital que pueden ayudar a tu empresa.
Module 5: Χρηματοδότηση και Θεσμικό Πλαίσιο των Κοινωνικών Συνεταιριστικών Επιχειρήσεων (only for Greek Learners) EuropeanProgress 2017-06-30
Σε αυτή την ενότητα οι εκπαιδευόμενοι θα μάθουν το θεσμικό πλαίσιο των κοινωνικών συνεταιριστικών επιχειρήσεων και δυνατότητες χρηματοδότησης της επιχείρησής τους.
Modul 5: Lernen von Anderen (Länderspezifischer Inhalt - nur in DE verfügbar) BEST 2017-06-29
Lernziele: Erwachsenen Lernenden "Good Practices" von Sozialem Unternehmertum vorstellen
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